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The information you provide means that we can match you with paid surveys, videos, and other content that is relevant to you.

Categories include everything from home and travel to fashion, groceries, entertainment, work and much more. The more you answer, the more chances you have to participate.

It’s not just about earning cash, though. Your answers are combined with others so you can see how you compare and make better decisions in the future.

Your Pureprofile is filled with hundreds of questions about everything from your basic demographics to your likes and dislikes, interests and purchasing habits.

Your answers put you into groups for future campaigns. The more profile questions you answer, the more groups you belong to, the more campaigns you will be targeted for, the more cash you earn.

But there’s more to it than that.

Your profile becomes increasingly valuable as you add to it over time. You make loads of choices every day: what to watch, where to go, which one to buy. With personal insights you can make more informed decisions as you start to see your spending habits or choices mapped out over time.

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Hundreds of groups have already been created from endless combinations of your profile answers. We match you with campaigns that will help you build your profile. Remember, every answer you add is another opportunity to join a group like the one you see here.

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eat out at restaurant

Eat out at restaurants

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Member of a frequent flyer...

You could be in this group

listening to music while exercising

Listen to music while exercising

You could be in this group

Nivea branded goods

Use Nivea body moisturiser

You could be in this group

play video games

Play video games

You could be in this group

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Have a VISA card

You could be in this group

brewing coffee

Drink coffee at home

You could be in this group

at the market

Main grocery buyer

You could be in this group

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Work full time

You could be in this group

sitting looking at desktop

Have a desktop computer

You could be in this group

family with children eating

Have children

You could be in this group

volunteer in the community

Volunteer or help out in the communi...

You could be in this group

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Have an Android smartphone

You could be in this group

man wearing glass

Wear prescription glasses or contacts

You could be in this group

holding camera

Have a passion for photography

You could be in this group

60s all-american convertible

Planning to purchase a convertible

You could be in this group

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When you take control of your profile, you’re acknowledging how valuable your answers really are. Not just for brands and researchers but for you.

Now, brands will only talk to you in real and meaningful ways - through the channels you prefer, about the products you like, giving you access to special offers, the ability to choose the online content you see and to block what you’re not interested in.

Brands no longer need to guess what their customers want. Instead, they can simply ask. Businesses can use your answers as genuine feedback to improve their products and services.

With a Pureprofile account you’ll be invited to participate in a number of campaigns.

Each survey, video or poll takes a different amount of time to complete (usually between two and twenty minutes). You choose when and where you respond, either at home or from your mobile device, and skip the ones that don’t appeal to you.

It’s a great way to earn some extra cash but, more importantly, the more you respond, the more groups you’ll be added to and the more brands will want to talk to you as your profile continues to grow in value.

We’re different from other survey sites because we pay in cash. No confusing points schemes or monthly draws. Just real money transferred directly into your nominated bank account.

We’re constantly developing new ways for you to redeem your earnings but rest assured that cash will always be our best option.

Since our very first survey, we’ve paid millions to Account Holders around the world.

Don’t take our word for it, see thousands of testimonials in addition to a few we picked out below:

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More than 12 years of groundbreaking software development has made Pureprofile leaders in research-driven technology and engagement solutions. In short, we’re redefining online interactions. Our patented solutions streamline the customer research, acquisition, loyalty and retention capabilities of your business.

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