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8 tips to earn more with Pureprofile

Find out how to get the most value out of your Pureprofile account.

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Pureprofile lets you control the data you want to share to earn rewards.

You choose which questions to answer to build your profile and brands reward you when they seek your opinion on things that matter. Read on to get the most value!

The top 8 tips to power up your profile

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1. Fully complete your profile.

The more questions you answer, the more earning opportunities you’ll be matched to. Don’t have time to do it all in one go? Try answering a few questions each day.

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2. Keep it updated.

Get married? Expecting a baby? Just adopted a rescue puppy? Keeping your profile updated with the events that matter to you means you’ll receive more relevant activities. Be sure to check your profile filter to find your latest profile activities.

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3. Check Pureprofile daily.

Some activities have limited quotas, which means once enough people have responded, you won’t be able to join in. Checking your feed of activities and content regularly means you’re less likely to miss out.

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Inside Tip: Friday afternoons seem to be our most popular time for new paid surveys to launch – so it’s a great time to login and see what’s new!

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4. Be honest.

To ensure the data we give brands is accurate, we have checks in place to detect responses that aren’t quite legit. Gibberish answers, boxes checked at random and other sneaky stuff won’t fly, and will mean you’ll get fewer activities in the long run.

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5. Don’t rush.

We’ve also got checks to flag surveys that have been completed too quickly. It’s best to take your time and give your best responses.

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6. If you get an email, get in quick.

When you get an email invite to take part in an activity, don’t sit on it. Sometimes the quota might fill up and you could miss out on your chance to earn rewards.

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7. Make sure your bank details are up to date.

Sounds simple, but incorrect bank details cause payment delays. And no one wants that to happen!

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8. Download the app.

Make sure you have our mobile app installed on your Android or Apple smartphone. Not only will you get access to exclusive mobile-only paid surveys, but with realtime notifications you’ll have the best earning opportunities available instantly.

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