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Everything you need to know about earning with us
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Let’s break it down

While Pureprofile makes it easy for you to share your opinions and earn rewards, we use a bit of industry lingo here and there. That’s why we’ve put together a quick guide to the main words you’re going to be hearing a lot more of now that you’re a Pureprofile member. You’ll be an expert in no time!

The Pureprofile Dictionary


Noun ac·tiv-i-ties (ækˈtɪvəti)

That’s what we call all earning opportunities and other content you can take part in. A Pureprofile activity can be anything from a survey, a link to a website or a video to watch. Some are paid activities, which you’ll earn rewards for. Others won’t give you immediate rewards but help us get to know you better so we can send more paid opportunities your way.


Noun groups (gro͞ops)

As you answer questions, you’ll be added to different groups (like ‘drinks coffee’ or ‘has an iPhone’). These groups connect you to brands and activities that match your interests. The more groups you’re in, the more earning opportunities you’ll receive.

The Feed

Noun the fee·d (thē fēd)

See all that content in the middle of the page when you first log in? That’s your feed. It contains a range of profile update questions, earning opportunities and exciting prize draws. When you want to see what’s new for you, simply scroll through your feed. There’s usually plenty in there to keep you occupied.


Noun pro·fil·e (prō′fīl′)

Build your profile and get added to more groups by answering profile update questions. The more profile activities you complete, the more relevant activities and other cool stuff you’ll receive.


Noun re·demp·tion (rĭ-dĕmp′shən)

Making a redemption means you’re cashing in your rewards. You can get cash paid directly into your bank account or choose from a range of other great perks like gift cards and movie tickets. Keep track of your redemptions from the ‘transactions’ page of your account.


Proper Noun pur·e·pro·fil·er (pyo͝orprō′fīl′ər)

That’s you! And you’re now officially an expert in the words of Pureprofile 🙂

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