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Can anyone join?
Anyone over the age of 13 is welcome to join Pureprofile. You can register by visiting and providing your name, email address, date of birth and location.
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How do I get matched to campaigns?
Campaigns are matched to relevant people based on the answers stored in each individual's profile. So while we can't promise you a certain number of campaigns each week, the more information you share and connect with your Pureprofile means it holds a richer and more authentic picture of you. The best way to get matched to campaigns is to interact with your feed regularly. Your profile will grow rapidly so Pureprofile can continue to match you with great content and surveys.
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Will I ever be spammed?
Pureprofile is strongly against spam. We don't send spam, nor do we allow any businesses or individuals to engage in spam activity through our service. We do this by putting in place a system of checks to ensure that the content and targeting for each campaign is thoroughly reviewed. All messages sent via Pureprofile are assessed for their authenticity and relevance to you. As part of this process, we do not permit businesses to send messages without first choosing a target market. Before a business is allowed to communicate with you, we evaluate their message to ensure that it is appropriate for the selected target market.
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