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Redeem faster with our new redemption plan!​

We’ve come up with a new way to help you get your hard earned cash a little faster!
From February 3rd 2022, you will see 2 account balances in your feed.
Think of them as 2 separate earnings pots.

Here’s the basics …

Pot 1: Contains everything you’ve earned before February 3rd 2022 and will be called your FIXED balance

Pot 2: Contains everything you earn after February 3rd 2022 and will be called your REDEEMABLE balance

Here’s how it works ...​

1. Every 60 days, from February 3rd, $70 from your FIXED pot will automatically move
into your REDEEMABLE pot. We will always transfer $70, if there is less
we will transfer that amount.

2. Your REDEEMABLE pot will contain this $70 AND all your earnings
from February 3rd onwards!

Here’s how it will look on your computer:

New redemption for Pureprofile. esktop

Here’s how it will look on your Pureprofile mobile app:

This is your total balance –
Mobile redemption for fixed balance
Redemption note
See a breakdown of your total
balance on the ‘Account’ page
Mobile redemption details

Here’s a few extra bits of info …

  • You don’t have to do anything with your FIXED pot – it just sits there and every 60 days up to $70 from this pot will move to your REDEEMABLE pot
  • Your REDEEMABLE pot is always available to you and will contain the automatic amount from your FIXED post, plus all your earnings from after February 3rd.
  • You can redeem from your REDEEMABLE pot whenever it suits you and as many times as you want (provided you have a minimum of $20 in there). Ka-ching!

So, what are you waiting for?

When you’re ready to make a redemption, you can do so as you have always done – by visiting the rewards centre and selecting your choice of rewards.

We know that’s a lot of information to take in! If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.