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Sweta, age 32 • Retail Owner, Mum

“The best thing about Pureprofile is that there is always something in my feed to do. I don’t have to wait for an email to arrive ... the Pureprofile  surveys are really easy to understand - they are enjoyable, engaging and not complicated.”

Matt, age 45 • Web Administrator

“I really enjoy the Pureprofile feed - going to the website every day and seeing campaigns in my feed that I can do when I have time. Pureprofile provides a very good incentive for the time it takes to fill out surveys, especially compared to other survey companies.”

Lisa, age 45 • Contact Centre Consultant

“Pureprofile has great integrity and customer service. They provide transparency and very good incentives for the time and opinions I provide. Pureprofile values my opinions and reward me for them - especially compared to other survey companies.”

Marcel, age 45 • AirBnB host

“I have been using Pureprofile for more than 10 years. They are the most professional, consistent survey company. I find it interesting to have an input and to see what new products are coming on to the market.”

Sandra, age 52 • Stay at home mum

“I have been using Pureprofile for more than 8 years and I really enjoy the survey experience. I access the feed every day to find new surveys waiting for me. It’s the only research provider that has a campaign for me every day.”

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