Dailymail.co.uk: One in four Australians have packages stolen from their doorsteps

Dailymail.co.uk: One in four Australians have packages stolen from their doorsteps

One in four Australians have had parcels stolen from outside their homes, according to new research. 

Package theft is becoming increasingly common as busy shoppers switch to buying their expensive technology, furniture and even groceries online. 

A quarter of Australians have had a package stolen in the last five years and one in 10 have been burgled within the last year alone. 

In a recent case, a woman was caught on security camera stealing from a house near Melbourne.

Footage shows her walking up to the front door before looking around then nabbing the item and taking off in her car.  

Mark Fletcher, managing director of security company Ring, told Daily Mail Australia there is a lot people can do to keep their deliveries safe.

The simplest method is to have the items delivered to work, he said.

Alternatively customers can make sure a friend or family member can attend the home during the day so the package isn’t sitting outside for long.

Another option is to deter the thieves with a well positioned and visible security camera that will record evidence if the the package is taken. 

Mr Fletcher also said some modern cameras come with motion sensors and have the ability to detect people near the front door.

The cameras then give home owners the opportunity to frighten thieves off by talking to them through their phone.

Smart lock systems are another emerging system that companies such as Amazon have been offering since 2017 to make deliveries easier.

The technology allows people to unlock their door through their phone for the delivery driver to put packages inside their home.

The research surveyed 1,000 Australians and was conducted by Pureprofile on behalf of Ring. 



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