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We want to know what makes you tick!
Share your opinion and get rewarded just for being who you are.

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You’re now part of an exclusive research community, designed just for
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Welcome to a BRAND NEW way of collecting points.
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HOW DOes it all WORK?


Flybuys Step 1


Answering profile questions puts you into groups. The more groups you’re part of, the more opportunities you’ll get to earn Flybuys points!


Flybuys Step 2

Check Pureprofile perks daily

Some surveys have limited quotas, so once enough people have responded you won’t be able to join in. Check your feed regularly so you don't miss out. Remember, you have to log into Flybuys first before you can access Pureprofile Perks.


Flybuys Step 3

honesty is the best policy

We have checks in place to detect responses that aren’t quite legit. Gibberish answers, boxes checked at random and other sneaky stuff won’t fly!


Have fun!

Enjoy the experience, your answers will help brands deliver better products and services. When you complete a survey your Pureprofile Perks account will automatically update in your feed. It's a win-win 🙂
Please remember, that it can take up to 48 hours for these points to appear in your Flybuys account.