Beauty Heaven: An easy skin care routine for acne-prone teens

Originally published: Beauty Heaven, 07 October 2022

Being a teenager is a tough gig. Don’t get us wrong, that half-a-decade window in our life can be some of the best times but it can also bring with it some of the most trying. Whether you’re approaching it, in the midst of it, or looking back, it’s no secret that adolescence is a challenging time to navigate. Although many things are a “rite of passage” for teenagers — growth spurts, school formals, getting your driver’s licence — there’s one that doesn’t have to be: acne.

Unsure what we mean by that? Well, according to research SkinB5 conducted for the brand’s #skinpositive campaign*, 95 per cent of young Australians (2,010 Aussies aged 18 and over) admitted to feeling self-conscious because of their skin, with a quarter being bullied and one in four being scarred for life because of the hurtful comments they have received about their skin.

*Methodology: The data sample was weighted against ABS data for age, gender and location using an online survey that is independently conducted and verified Pureprofile.

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