New Idea: 5 crazy things Aussies are putting in their cereal bowl

New Idea: 5 crazy things Aussies are putting in their cereal bowl

A decade or so ago just eating breakfast was enough, everyone got the message: ‘It’s the most important meal of the day.’ We all sat down to a bowl of Rice Bubbles and Vegemite on toast for breakfast. Or maybe you preferred scrambled eggs and snags?

Then, somewhere in the last two decades we started to become more health conscious about the food choices we made first thing. In came smoothies, low-sugar or sugar-free cereals, or maybe some avo on toast for a change.

Today, what constitutes a healthy breakfast varies wildly depending on who you ask. For some, healthy food must be high in protein, or fibre or be gluten-free. For others, they’re thinking about where their foods come from, is the butter locally-sourced, are the eggs free-range?

New research by conducted by Pureprofile on behalf of Kellogg’s for their #perfectbowlcampaign has found that we’ve moved on again and Australians across the nation are now trying these unusual things on their breakfast plate:

1. Coconut water (34%)
2. Salad (27%)
3. Spices (22%)
4. Olive oil (13%)
5. Kombucha (11%)

Some of these combinations might be crazy but they include ingredients like kombucha that are beneficial for gut health and others that are good for the heart, like olive oil. It seems that our health is on our minds, and our dining tables more than ever.


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