Scoop NZ: National Pet Day – Top pet names, breeds and claims revealed

National Pet Day: Top Pet Names, Breeds And Claims Revealed

Originally published: Scoop NZ, 11 April 2023

From doggy dental care to ill and injured Toms, this National Pet Day, Tower is delving into the data around their furriest customers to reveal the most common claims, breeds and names of Kiwi pets.

Throughout 2022, the top four reasons for claims on behalf of Tower’s tail wagging policyholders were, to nurse pups back from illness (43%), help hounds recover from injuries (28%), cover routine care appointments (24%), plus trips to the doggy dentist (2%).

While cats are known for being curious, Tower’s data shows they’re more careful than their canine counterparts, racking up 43% less claims. Of the cat claims 39% were for injured toms, 31% for illness, 25% for routine care and 3% for dental claims to fix some feline fangs.

Independent research conducted by Pureprofile, with a sample size representative of the New Zealand’s dog & cat owning population.

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