The Times: Winter immunity boosting – easy as A,B, vitamin C

half kiwi

Originally published: The Times, 20 June 2022

Worried about getting sick this winter? You’re not alone. In fact, new research reveals a  majority of Australian parents are worried about their family this winter and the same amount are looking to boost  their immune system.

According to a nationwide survey1, the main reasons why Aussies think they’re more likely to suffer this cold and  flu season are:

●  Widespread lack of consideration for social distancing and hygiene guidelines (30%)
● Less exposure to people and sickness last year due to COVID-19 lockdowns (24%)
●  Lower immunity due to high-stress levels and burnout (22%)

1 Research conducted in May 2021 by Pureprofile on behalf of Zespri™ SunGold™ Kiwifruit, on a sample of over 1000 Australians, including 613  parents.

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